What’s a junket tour


The founders of junket tourism were the casinos of Las Vegas, which in the 50s of last century thought about a new format of working with visitors. Tourists were lured by inexpensive or free hotel accommodations in exchange for guaranteed rates in their gambling houses. Over time, the idea began to develop around the world due to religious and political prohibitions. Thus, Muslims can not devote themselves to gambling on their native land, and therefore fly to “sin” abroad. And the Chinese have to go to the autonomy of Macao – only gambling is officially allowed in the country. Now this gambling resort is not only for the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire.

Macau invites gambleers to the most popular casinos

Junket – the gambling industry junket tours are trips to another country for gaming. Before the term migrated to the casino sphere, junket tours in America were called useless trips of officials at the expense of the state budget. Now VIP jankets are gemblers that combine a cultural program abroad with hours of gambling.


How do junkie tours go

The junket tour is a combination of four “P’s.” The casino provides the client with a flight, accommodation, meals and a visit to the playing institution. In the near abroad countries – Belarus, Georgia, the Baltic States – the economy option of such a holiday will cost at least $5000 for 3 nights. This amount should be exchanged for chips, and put during the stay. Such trips are often spontaneous, and therefore junket operators offer weekend packages.

During the day the client should spend 2 to 5 hours in the casino. For each individual game there are certain betting limits, and it is written in the contract. For example, in the Belarusian institution “Shangri La” the following rules when buying an economy packet:

  • the total amount of chips on the roulette table – from $75;
  • the cost of one back in the slot machines is from $2;
  • minimum beta in poker and blackjack – $50.

Many players buy junket tours to live poker tournaments in casinos. Rest is provided by the type of All inclusive, and can only focus on the game. However, gaming tours are not “non-stop excitement”. Packages worth $50,000 or more provide additional service. The player is covered by the cost of a comfortable shuttle service to the hotel, free spa centers, city tours and other cultural and entertainment activities.


The client is required to make a deposit, which must be fully used in the casino. This does not mean that the player will return home with an empty wallet – only the guaranteed betting amount is stipulated and the winnings are paid as usual. Each VIP-gambler is assigned a personal manager, there are both single and group tours. If luck is on the player’s side, you can not only cover the expenses before leaving, but also return from vacation “in plus”.

If there are any irregularities in the size of bets or the total time in the hall, you will have to pay a penalty – the bill for air tickets and the cost of hotel accommodation.


In the Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko you can visit the casino Grand Hotel Bansko. Here the package includes a free bar and restaurant, player security and interpreting services. The price of accommodation in the penthouse of this hotel is $300 per day. Hotel International Casino is located on the sea coast of Bulgaria in the center of Golden Sands. Deluxe room with sea view costs about $70 per day, and the visitors of the playing institution are offered improved service and free drinks. Offers of organized junket tours to Bulgaria are difficult to find, but such a holiday with a hint of excitement can be arranged by yourself.

Macau Blue

Adrenaline from the excitement combined with the resort atmosphere attracts many gemblers, and therefore they often give preference to Northern Cyprus. The most famous casino here is Noah’s Ark Deluxe. Fantastic architecture, all kinds of gambling – roulette, poker, multi-game, bingo. And high school staff. The minimum deposit is 5,000 euros.

Those who are looking for more exotic options should go to the islands of Central America. In the Dominican Republic are worthy of attention the casino Paradise Plaza in Santo Domingo, Coral Hammock Beach in Boca Chica or the largest Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe in Punta Cana. Prices for the junior suite here start at 500 euros per night, but for gemblers make a significant discount. Traveling savages junket also liked the Seychelles. For the simple tourist, a room at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino will cost $200, but the gemblers, depending on the deposit, can cut down to 50% of this price.


In the United States, gembling tours are decorated with great chic and pathos. The player can be accompanied on a charter by representatives of gambling establishments, that is, the service begins before the arrival at the casino. Weekly cruises on huge ocean liners with a lot of entertainment, including casinos – in Mexico, the Caribbean and Alaska are also very popular.


The pearl of junket tourism can be safely called Macau, which has already been dubbed the new gambling capital of the world. The Chinese have managed to build the largest casino in the world – Venetian Macao, and arrange the show like colleagues from Las Vegas. The performances of Cirque du Soleil and popular artists attract many guests. In the first stage, about 80% of the industry’s revenue brought 5% of VIP players. The management lured them with individual offers, and literally customized everything to suit their expensive clients. Over time, policy has changed, and now Macau is a place for mass junket tourism available to everyone.

Junket tourism embodies spontaneity and a thirst for adventure. At the expense of the playing institution gemblers can afford a fashionable vacation in any part of the world. The player signs a contract with the casino, makes a deposit, and this ends the worries. It does not matter whether the gembler wins or loses – at the end of such a tour gemblers return home with new impressions, and it can not be compared to the banal beach vacation.