How to make money on online roulette without investing

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When choosing a roulette game as a hobby, I did not suspect that it would not just be fun, but also a source of additional income. Of course, before the fun began to bring me real money, I spent a few weeks on training and strategy development. In this article I will explain why, of all the variety of virtual entertainment, I stopped at online roulette.

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Features of online roulette

In modern casinos, three types of roulette are most commonly found: European, American and French. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The main differences are related to the number of digits zero, the rule of la partage and the percentage of payments.

According to the last parameter, the most advantageous variety is French roulette. But it is not so often found in virtual clubs. In second place is the European one.

If you think it’s very easy to win at roulette, you’re wrong. Several generations of gamers are fighting with algorithms to develop a single winning strategy, but so far this has not happened. Only a few manage to win. What helps them to succeed and how to get profit without their own investments, I will tell you in this article.

The game without investment.

Most popular online casinos allow users to play for free not only at slot machines, but also at roulette. For this you only need to register and confirm your account. Using the demo mode, you will not become richer, but sure to have fun, get a lot of positive emotions and practice. The institution will provide virtual credits, which you can dispose of at your discretion, and will not require reporting on expenses.

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If you are attracted to real earnings, I recommend that you pay attention to non-deposit bonuses. You can use them to create your first capital without depositing personal funds.

Free game on non-deposit bonuses

I started my roulette game with non-deposit bonuses. I studied the rules and conditions of the game in different casinos. I chose those where non-deposit bonuses are given for registration or first deposit. It is on them and I played the first time. The size of such rewards is 10-25 dollars, it is just enough to try out different strategies in practice.

Registration on the resource takes no more than 3 minutes, and requires a name, password and email address.

Each club has its own wagering conditions. Please read them carefully so that you don’t have to accept the disadvantageous conditions. The higher the Vader, the harder it will be to win back it.

Once the bonuses have been transferred to the bonus account, treat them as real money. Think about your bets and stick to your chosen strategy. This will help not only to win back the bonus, but also to earn a decent amount of money.

Where do I start playing online roulette?

Most of my gambling friends, prepare in advance for a trip to the gambling zone. They save money, think over the route, book tickets, hotels and live in anticipation of the trip for several weeks. I also love a real casino game, but I think there are more convenient ways to relieve tension and make some extra money. When I want to have fun, I go to a virtual club site and launch roulette. Where to start the game, I’ll tell you more.

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Mode Selection

After I chose a place I could trust, I started to study the rules. From them, I realized that there could be two game modes:

  • No payment;
  • For real banknotes.

Unlike slot machines that allow anonymous play, here registration is mandatory. To create an account, you will need to provide your full name, residential address, date of birth and email address.

The rules several times mentioned the need to provide accurate personal information in the questionnaire, so as not to face problems when paying for the winnings. Therefore, having entered the personal information, I have double-checked it several times before sending it to the administrators.

Originally, I chose the first mode. With its help, I quietly studied the range of the club, features and principles of the game. It’s a great opportunity for newcomers to get familiar with the resource, understand the terminology, choose a table and practice without fear of losing everything. Using this mode no more than one week, I perfectly learned the intricacies of roulette and gained confidence in my own actions.

Moving to the second option, I deposited money into my personal account and started the process. I didn’t need to download a special program for the game to my smartphone, I had fun right in my browser. But I know for sure that there is a possibility to download the software to my mobile phone.

Club incentives.

Large institutions often thank new clients for their choice and give bonuses for registration and account replenishment. Find out in advance whether you are entitled to gifts from the club and in what amount. I received a bonus of 100% of the deposited amount for the first deposit, but this rule does not apply in all establishments.

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How to make a quick deposit and get your winnings?

The traditional currency of the casino is dollars. But they accept any currency, converting it at the current rate.

I threw money into my account through a mobile bank. The money was credited in one minute, no commission. Also, you can transfer funds from electronic wallets and bank accounts without additional spending.

After the first win, I decided to test how quickly I will be given the winnings. Everything went without any problems. However, the administration demanded to pass the verification of identity, namely, to provide scans of the passport pages and photos with an open passport in hand. After I executed everything, the winnings were transferred to the card. The total time spent on the whole procedure – no more than 12 hours. But the administration has assured that verification is required only once, before the first payment.

Summing up, I will say – after you have chosen the casino, read the user agreement and rules, do not hesitate to use the demo mode.