Grandview-Woodland – You’re Getting a Thingery!

  Artist’s Rendering Credit – Kara Burman Back in 2011, I worked with an amazing group of community organizers to co-found the Vancouver Tool Library Co-operative (VTL). It was the first of its kind in Canada and has since gone on to inspire several lending libraries throughout the country. While working the front desk at the VTL, I was often asked “What about sharing other things?”. To be honest our answer was never good enough. We knew there was an appetite for the sharing of other goods, we knew that it could be done but we wanted to focus on…


We’re Back!

Back in 2012, the Sharing Economy 2.0 was just picking up. Tool libraries were hailed as a new beginning to community sharing, public libraries began to rethink what it meant to share and investors flocked to peer-to-peer sharing platforms that promised to change everything. At this time, The Sharing Project was just starting up. Our purpose was to support the growth of the sharing economy by providing research about what communities want to share. We wanted to make sure that as this trend exploded, people remembered what it meant to share and recognized the true benefits that sharing can have…


The Sharing Project Report


Recycling Council of Alberta Conference

It was great to join leaders in recycling from across Alberta at the 2015 Recycling Council of Alberta Conference last week. Hosted in the beautiful town of Banff this conference brought together some great minds to talk about the future of recycling and waste. Chris Diplock took the findings from The Sharing Project to the 2016 Recycling Council of Alberta Conference in Banff. Sharing the panel with Lawrence Alvarez (Toronto Tool Library) and Chelsea Rustrum (co-author of It’s a Shareable Life), the panel explored the value of neighbourhood based sharing. The sharing economy offers a great way to reduce our…



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